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What to expect when visiting Evansville First Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Variety … that’s what you’ll find when you visit our services. But one thing you should expect in our church is a personal, uplifting worship experience. Our services are geared for participation. We typically worship as we live, with love for one another.

Bible classes for all ages
Sabbaths usually begin with an Bible study known as Sabbath school. Personalized classes divided by age, grade and interests serve individuals from infants through senior adults.

Mothers Room
A Mothers Room is provided for infants and toddlers. This loving, comfortable atmosphere helps show children at the earliest ages that church is a good place to be. Mothers rooms reduces distractions for other people.

Children’s worship
Bible-oriented activities are often provided for preschool and elementary-age children. At this level, young children are taught to sing, pray, memorize Scripture and learn important Bible truths. They are instructed and led in worship at their own levels.

Our Church facilities are generally functional and practical, in keeping with our mission. All Seventh day Adventist churches have platforms that incorporate a single pulpit where singing and prayer are led and the Word of God is preached.

Music is one feature of our worship, before, during and even after the service itself. Instruments may range from piano and organ to synthesizers, guitars, or horns, to full-scale orchestras.
Whatever the accompaniment, inspired singing is the order of the day. Any given service may include traditional hymns, songs, contemporary compositions or reverent worshipful choruses. Music will include both congregational and special ministries — solos, duets, ensembles, choirs, instrumentals. Our Church make music more than a performance; it’s the music of worship.

Worship experience
The service may include quiet times of waiting in God’s presence, spiritually savoring the sacred atmosphere. Other times may be vocal with collective praise as worshippers are invited to spontaneously express love and adoration to God. In everything, a flow of worship should be evident and a properness and order. Worship styles will reflect the spectrum of personalities. Some are quiet and reserved; others are simply tender and openly emotional during times of praise or preaching. No sincere worshipper need feel out of place in the Evansville First church.

A special time in the service is devoted to prayer. Needs from inside and outside the church family frequently are made known. The congregation prays together. All may pray quietly or aloud but conclude with a single voice, the worship leader or other designated person praying in behalf of all.

Ministry to the sick
As in the New Testament, specific prayer may be offered for the sick. They will be invited to be anointed with oil (James 5:13-16) and/or have the ministers, leaders or other believers lay hands on them and pray (Mark 16:18).

During the service, tithes and offerings will be received. More than a collection to pay church bills, this too is worship. Our members feel giving the tithe (the first tenth of income) and offerings declares that God comes first. It recognizes His blessing, expresses faith and seeks His guidance in every matter in life. The ministries of the local church and globe-encircling work of the Seventh-Day Adventist are supported solely by free-will giving.

Challenging messages
The climax of the service comes with the preaching of God’s Word, the Bible, and an invitation for hearers to respond. The messages are fervent, inspiring and practical.

The pastor or speaker may close with an invitation for those who need forgiveness in their lives to come forward and accept Christ as Savior. Those who feel a need to rededicate their lives to Christ or to pray about other concerns are also invited to come. Believers are urged to ask God for the baptism to further empower them for Christian service. Often everyone is invited to come pray during the altar service. Deep emotion and excitement may or may not be demonstrated at the altars, but everyone who calls on God in faith receives something.